Irina Sardareva is the most famous Bulgarian hat designer. She is the CEO and Creative Director of Irina Sardareva House of hats, and the apparel brand Peroto.

Irina Sardareva started making hats in 1994, following her passion for creating pieces of fashion art. Before jumping into designing hats, she was a Chemistry teacher.

Irina started her own life journey as a hat designer visitning a hat production warehouse in Ukraine, in the early 90’s. Here she first discovered the love for this special accessory. She bought a couple of hats and came back to Bulgaria, starting her business as a hat retailer at the very beginning. Irina’s next step was to start travelling across the country and find the old and forgotten hat shapes in Bulgaria. She was able to find and buy most of them. And this was the moment when she really started designing hats.

Year after year of hard work, mixted with huge talent, Irina Sardareva proved herself as the best hat designer in Bulgaria.

Nowadays hats by Irina Sardareva, and clothes by Peroto, are selling in a number of countries all over the world, and Irina’s custumers are getting more and more every day.

There is one thing Irina says for her designs and strongly believes in it: “I create everything with love because this is my way to send positive energy to people, and make every woman who wears my hats, fascinators or clothes feel happy and beautiful every day!”